Freddy Heineken


Age: 78

Summary: Dutch flamboyant beer magnate and businessman considered as one of the richest people in the Netherlands with a net worth of 9.5 billion guilders who built the Amsterdam brewer Heineken International (which was bought in 1864 by his grandfather Gerard Adriaan Heineken) into one of the world's biggest beer companies and created the green bottle that helped Heineken become synonymous with the best-selling imported beer in the United States for many years before it was dethroned by Corona of Mexico in 1998, but whose life was turned upside down in November 1983 when he and his chauffeur were kidnapped as the two men were chained to neighboring concrete cells for three weeks before the Dutch police raided a warehouse in Amsterdam and freed them after a $10 million ransom was paid during the rescue.

Cause of Death: Pneumonia

Born: November 4, 1923

Died: January 3, 2002

Noordwijk, the Netherlands