Franz Fuchs



Age: 50


Summary: Austrian convicted terrorist who was sentenced to life in prison last year after waging a four-year racist letter bombing campaign, who sent out his first wave of mail bombs in December 1993, targeting those who advocated for Roma refugees and injured several targets (in the worst attack, in 1995, four gypsies were killed by a pipe bomb device planted in the village of Oberwart in the eastern Burbenland province), who claimed to be a member of the obscure Bavarian Liberation Army, which he said wanted to reunite German-speaking peoples in Bavaria, the Alps and along the river Danube within borders that existed between the sixth and twelfth centuries, but prosecutors insisted that he acted alone and that the mysterious right-wing group existed only in his mind, and who had blown off both of his hands in an explosion during his arrest in 1997..



Cause of Death: Suicide by hanging


Born: December 12, 1949


Died: February 26, 2000


Location: Graz, Austria