Ellie Nesler


Age: 56


Summary: California woman who sparked a national debate about vigilantism in 1993 when she shot and killed accused child molester Daniel Driver five times in the head in a Tuolumne County courtroom during a break in his preliminary hearing for allegedly molesting four boys, including her then-6-year-old son Willie at a Christian camp, who was convicted of voluntary manslaughter but served only three years of a 10-year sentence before she was released because of jury misconduct, and who later went back to prison on a conviction of drug charges for which she served more than three years, in which the case became a 1999 TV movie Judgment Day: The Ellie Nesler Story on the USA cable network.



Cause of Death: Breast cancer


Born: August 2, 1952


Died: December 26, 2008


Location: Sacramento, California