Dr. Robert Haspel



Age: 89


Summary: retired New Orleans physician and philanthropist who led the drive to create the Edward Haspel Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Touro Infirmary complex, which was established in 1996 and offered a barrage of information in booklets, on videotapes and on the Internet that anyone can use at no cost, and who was involved at many levels in numerous civic and professional organizations in the New Orleans area, including Touro Synagogue and Temple Sinai, the Jewish Endowment Foundation, Southern Institute of Tulane University, City Park Botanical Gardens and Touro Infirmary, where he served as physician and board member for more than 50 years and also taught at Louisiana State University School of Medicine.



Cause of Death: Complications from a bladder cancer surgery after being evacuated due to Hurricane Katrina


Born: December 28, 1915


Died: September 4, 2005


Location: Dallas, Texas