DeLois Bailey



Age: 53


Summary: longtime staff member at the aircraft parts plant Lockheed Martin Corp. in Mississippi who had been hospitalized in very critical condition for a week from a single gunshot wound to the pelvis suffered in a July 8, 2003 workplace shooting that killed at least five employees at the scene and also wounded eight others when an assembly line worker identified as 48-year-old Douglas Williams shot 14 of his co-workers with a shotgun at the plant before committing suicide during a violent act of mass murder that occurred at the Meridian, Mississippi factory, in which the incident became the deadliest workplace shooting in the United States since December 2000 when Michael McDermott killed seven co-workers at Edgewater Technology in Wakefield, Massachusetts.



Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds


Born: March 4, 1950


Died: July 15, 2003


Location: Meridian, Mississippi