David Kell



Age: 52


Summary: Washington state man whose young daughter's death in a highly publicized abuse case led to state legislation after his girlfriend and former landlady Tammy Madarash was convicted of homicide by abuse and sentenced to more than 26 years in prison for forcing his 4-year-old daughter Jennifer Kell (who died in 1999) to drink 48 ounces of Diet Pepsi and dousing her with water, but who was not charged because prosecutors said they could not prove he had witnessed anything worse than misdemeanors such as kicking, slapping and hair-pulling by Madarash in earlier mistreatment of his daughter, in which a bill dubbed the Jennifer Kell Act to mandate punishment for failing to report  child abuse in such cases was introduced in the Legislature in 2001 and won unanimous approval in the House in 2002 but died in the Senate.



Cause of Death: Crushed to death beneath a car


Born: December 16, 1955


Died: January 21, 2008


Location: Longview, Washington