Danny Overstreet




Age: 43


Summary: customer service representative for the communications firm Verizon in Roanoke, Virginia who was the only known fatality shot and fatally wounded in a violent September 22 shooting rampage when a lone gunman identified as 55-year-old drifter Ronald Gay had opened fire on the patrons at the Backstreet Cafe gay bar in downtown Roanoke, Virginia and seriously wounded at least six other people in what police are investigating as a hate crime, in which the gunman said he was on a mission to kill gay people because he was upset over the slang connotation of his last name that made him a target of anti-homosexual jokes, according to court records and police interviews.



Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds


Born: February 14, 1957


Died: September 22, 2000


Location: Roanoke, Virginia