Cor van Hout


Age: 45

Summary: Dutch criminal and one of four men who abducted beer magnate Freddy Heineken and his driver Ab Doderer in front of Heineken's office on November 9, 1983 after which they imprisoned the two men for a period of three weeks in a Qounset hut outside Amsterdam, the Netherlands asking a ransom for Heineken of 35 million guilders, but who managed to escape and fled to Paris alongside with fellow accompolice Willem Holleeder following the release of the hostages before the two men were both arrested by the French police in February 1984 and sentenced to eleven years in prison with deduction of the time they had already spent in confinement.

Cause of Death: Homicide by shooting

Born: August 18, 1957

Died: January 24, 2003

Amstelveen, the Netherlands