Christian Redman




Age: 30


Summary: British business development manager for the express services company TNT in Singapore who was also a part-time manager and fixtures secretary of the rugby team attached to the Singapore Cricket Club competing in the Bali Rugby 10's Tournament between teams from the Far East including from Indonesia, Australia, and Hong Kong after he resigned as a captain in the Army's Royal Logistics Corps, where he served six months in Bosnia, and whose wife Claire Hatton was recently honoured by British prime minister Tony Blair as one of 10 'people of the year' when she was caught up in deadly rioting in Jakarta, Indonesia in May 1998 and helped about 2,500 people escape from the Indonesian capital as buildings burnt and a dictatorship crumbled while she was working for British Airways as a country manager.



Cause of Death: Killed in a suicide bomb blast


Born: 1972


Died: October 12, 2002


Location: Bali, Indonesia