Charlotte von Mahlsdorf




Age: 74


Summary: German preservationist and founder of the Grunderzeit Museum (a museum of everyday items) in Berlin-Mahlsdorf whose 1992 autobiography I Am My Own Wife tells the story of her own life (she was an East German transsexual who survived the Nazi regime and helped start the German gay liberation movement) as well as that of a whole generation of East German homosexuals who faced persecution first from the Nazis and then from the repression of the Communists, whose museum became a clandestine meeting place for the gay community until it was was attacked in 1991 by a group neo-Nazi skinheads, which resulted in several participants being injured upon a celebration that she hosted at her museum following the union of two Germanies.



Cause of Death: Heart failure


Born: March 18, 1928


Died: April 30, 2002


Location: Berlin, Germany