Carnell Dawson, Sr.




Age: 43


Summary: anti-drug campaigner who had been hospitalized in critical condition for more than a week from multiple head injuries and third-degree burns suffered over 80% of his body in a fatal October 16 East Baltimore arson attack after he had narrowly escaped by jumping out a second-floor window when his family's row house was firebombed in the middle of the night killing his 36-year-old wife Angela Dawson and their five children (LaWanda, 14, Juan, 12, Carnell, Jr., 10, and 9-year-old twins Kevin and Keith), in which the Dawson family had fought for eight months to get drug pushers away from their house, including calling the police more than 50 times.



Cause of Death: Burns suffered in an arson attack


Born: April 13, 1959


Died: October 23, 2002


Location: Baltimore, Maryland