Bryan Griffin




Age: 12


Summary: son of well-known Orlando, Florida on-air radio personality and recurring talk show announcer Bill Griffin (of the Doc & Johnny Morning Show nationally-syndicated radio program) who was attacked and killed by an alligator while he was swimming at his favorite swimming hole with friends in the Dead River near Tavares, Florida after he had inexplicably jumped back into the water when he was pulled from the water by his friends as they spotted an approaching alligator, in which it became the 12th and latest fatal alligator attacks in Florida's recorded history since 1948 as the most recent came in September 2001 when an 81-year-old man bled to death after his leg was bitten off below the knee.



Cause of Death: Killed in an alligator attack


Born: December 17, 1990


Died: June 18, 2003


Location: Tavares, Florida