Bruno Lima Nascimento



Age: 21


Summary: Brazilian sixth-year law student at the Center of Higher Education of Rondonopolis (CESUR) in the city of Rondonopolis, Brazil who was one of the 199 fatal victims of the TAM Airlines Flight 3054 crash involving an Airbus A320 when it overran a rain-soaked runway at Sao Paulo, Brazil in July 2007 and crashed into a nearby TAM Express warehouse adjacent to a Shell filling station which exploded as a result of the impact in what would be the deadliest air disaster in Brazilian territory, in which the accident was investigated by the Brazilian Air Force's Aeronautical Accidents Investigation and Prevention Center (CENIPA) with a final report concluding that the accident was caused by errors committed by the pilots while trying to land at Congonhas-Sao Paulo Airport.



Cause of Death: Airplane accident


Born: circa 1986


Died: July 17, 2007


Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil