Benito Que




Age: 52


Summary: noted cell biologist and expert in infectious diseases known for his involvement in oncology research on AIDS in the hematology department at the University of Miami Medical School who had been reportedly hospitalized in critical condition for nearly a month but never regained consciousness from injuries suffered in a mysterious Nov. 12, 2001 carjacking after he was found slumped on a desolate side street outside his laboratory near the medical school's parking lot, in which the Miami-Dade County police thought he may have been the victim of a mugging after four men armed with a baseball bat attacked him at his car despite reports saying there was a lack of visible trauma to the victim's body.



Cause of Death: Cardiac arrest as a result from a beating inflicted in a violent attack


Born: June 19, 1949


Died: December 6, 2001


Location: Miami, Florida