Benazir Bhutto


Age: 54


Summary: Pakistani opposition leader and the first woman ever to lead a Muslim state who was twice elected prime minister of Pakistan, sworn in for the first time in 1988 but removed from office 20 months later under orders of then-President Ghulam Ishaq Khan on grounds of alleged corruption, who was reelected in 1993 and later removed in 1995 on similar charges, that time by President Farooq Leghari, and who went into self-imposed exile in Dubai in 1998, where she remained until she returned to Pakistan in late 2007 after reaching an understanding with President Pervez Musharraf by which she was granted amnesty and all corruption charges were withdrawn.



Cause of Death: Assassinated in a combined shooting and suicide bombing attack


Born: June 21, 1953


Died: December 27, 2007


Location: Rawalpindi, Pakistan