Barbara Schmucker


Age: 17


Summary: honor student at Northrop High School in northeastern Indiana who was involved in a fatal trailer-tractor wreck when a tour bus carrying several members of the contemporary Christian rock band MercyMe was traveling northbound through a green light and collided head-on to an oncoming passenger vehicle that made a left turn in front of the bus at a Fort Wayne, Indiana intersection, in which authorities said the driver of the car identified as 18-year-old Kara Klinker whose unborn child was delivered stillborn while she was hospitalized in critical condition after she had apparently made an abrupt left turn on a red light into the path of the oncoming tour bus that resulted in a head-on collision as the band were en route to Six Flags St. Louis amusement park for a performance gig, but no one on the bus were seriously injured.



Cause of Death: Car accident


Born: December 31, 1991


Died: August 8, 2009


Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana