Ayala-Haya Abukasis



Age: 17


Summary: Israeli eighth-grade student of the religious Zionist Tzvia Girls' High School in the Negev desert of southern Israel who had been hospitalized on life support in critical condition at an intensive care unit for nearly a week from massive shrapnel wounds and serious brain injuries suffered in a January 15 Qassam rocket attack near her grandmother's home in southern Israel when the missile landed near her as the shrapnel penetrated her cerebellum while she was returning home from a meeting of the Bnei Akiva religious youth group, in which it became one of the latest Hamas rocket-propelled attacks against Israeli citizens since August 2004.



Cause of Death: Head injuries sustained in a rocket-propelled attack


Born: May 25, 1987


Died: January 21, 2005


Location: Be'er Sheva, Israel