Austin Leslie



Age: 71


Summary: internationally famous New Orleans chef whose friend chicken was considered the gold standard even by the South's most persnickety chefs that defined 'Creole Soul' when he fused Creole cuisine and the casual food of the local African-American cooks at the fabled Chez Helene restaurant near the French Quarter (he made gumbo thickened with filé, served oysters Rockefeller on tin plates and stamped every plate of fried chicken with a smear of chopped parsley and garlic and slices of dill pickle), who was known as the Godfather of Fried Chicken with his trademark captain's cap, lambchop sideburns, and broad smile, whose good-natured swagger and distinctive style was the inspiration for the restaurant imagery of the 1987 television sitcom Frank's Place.



Cause of Death: Heart attack while hospitalized with pneumonia during evacuation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina


Born: July 2, 1934


Died: September 29, 2005


Location: Atlanta, Georgia