Alice Bauer



Age: 74


Summary: professional golfer and one of the 13 founding members of the Ladies Professional Gold Association who began her career by touring the country in the 1940's with her sister Marlene (a future Hall of Famer) and became the first woman to attempt to qualify for a men's tournament in 1949 missing out by nine strokes and never won an LPGA event but came close in 1955 losing a playoff to Marilyn Smith at the Heart of American Tournament, in which it focused on her family in the 1960's and toured sporadically, and who received the LPGA's Commissioner's Award in 2000 (along with her co-founders) for her contributions to women's golf.



Cause of Death: Colon cancer


Born: October 6, 1927


Died: March 6, 2002


Location: Palm Desert, California