Abdu Malahi




Age: 37


Summary: Yemeni American audio-visual engineer at the Marriott World Trade Center Hotel in New York City who was among one of two known hotel staff members reported missing and presumed dead in the September 11 World Trade Center collapse that killed nearly 3,000 people including several hotel guests and many firefighters (who were using the hotel as a staging ground) when the hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the adjacent North Tower of the WTC building and caused the landing gear to fall into the roof of the Marriott hotel, where he had assisted the remaining guests and firefighters to safely evacuate the building to the stairways when the twin towers were struck prior to its collapse.



Cause of Death: Killed in the World Trade Center attack


Born: May 3, 1964


Died: September 11, 2001


Location: New York City, New York