Patricia Frustaci



Age: 63


Summary: California woman who made national headlines in 1985 when she gave birth to seven children but struggled with the financial and publicity fallout and with the heartache of seeing four babies perish, who was an English teacher in Riverside, California and already the mother of a son when she gave birth after undergoing treatments (at the time it was the largest multiple birth in the U.S.), but the babies were delivered 12 weeks prematurely by cesarean section and had several serious health problems (one girl was stillborn, and two boys and a girl died within weeks), then medical expenses soon topped $1 million before the family sued the fertility clinic and a doctor, alleging wrongful death of the four children and negligence that led to health problems for the surviving children, but the clinic later settled the lawsuit without acknowledging any wrongdoing.



Cause of Death: Pulmonary fibrosis


Born: November 19, 1954


Died: February 10, 2018


Location: San Diego, California