Melvin Dummar



Age: 74


Summary: Utah gas station owner in the 1960's who never saw the $156 million he argued for decades that eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes unexpectedly bequeathed to him for rescuing him on a desert road and driving him for nearly three hours to Las Vegas in 1967, who clamed to have received a copy of Hughes's handwritten will, and it said that Hughes had left him 1/16 of his estate, but the revelation catapulted him to the center of a media circus after Hughes died with no surviving immediate family, and according to his extended family, no will, which was why the document produced by Dummar, loaded with misspellings and incorrect information (unusual for the meticulous Hughes), caused such a sensation and whose story was depicted in the 1980 film Melvin & Howard.



Cause of Death: Cancer


Born: August 28, 1944


Died: December 9, 2018


Location: Pahrump, Nevada