Maria Isabel Chorobik de Mariana



Age: 95


Summary: Argentine human rights activist and one of the founders of Argentina's leading human rights group Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo who was instrumental in founding the group that for decades has been searching for children who were stolen from people who were killed or forcibly "disappeared" during Argentina's 1976-83 dictatorship in which two former dictators were eventually convicted along with others of systematically kidnapping children (Jorge Rafael Vidal died in prison in 2013 and Reynaldo Bignone died earlier this year while he was serving time under house arrest), who marched weekly at Buenos Aires' main square to demand the return of their loved ones during the dictatorship and whose granddaughter was kidnapped at age 3 months in 1976 but was never found.



Cause of Death: After a stroke


Born: November 19, 1923


Died: August 20, 2018


Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina