Margot Kidder



Age: 69


Summary: Canadian actress who starred as a salty and cynical ace journalist Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve (died 2004) in the Superman film franchise of the 1970's and 1980's (Superman was a 1978 superhero blockbuster 20 years before comic book movies became the norm at the top of the box office), who was a sexually savvy adult who played off the boyish, farm-raised charm of Reeve's Clark Kent, although her dogged journalism constantly got her into dangerous scrapes that required old-fashioned rescues, but who had many of the movies' most memorable lines, including "You've got me!? Who's got you!?" when she first encountered the costumed hero as she and a helicopter plunged from the top of a Metropolis building.



Cause of Death: Suicide by alcohol and drug overdose


Born: October 17, 1948


Died: May 13, 2018


Location: Livingston, Montana