Khaira Arby



Age: 58


Summary: Malian singer and songwriter known as the "Nightingale of Timbuktu" and the "Diva of the Desert" who was a celebrated singer and recording artist from a nation that has produced several musicians with global reach, among them guitarist and songwriter Ali Farka Toure with whom she performed in concert, whose most popular album was Timbuktu Tarab released in 2010 and who frequently performed at the annual Festival au Dsert in Mali, which attracted tourists from all over the world and Western rock stars like Bono of U2 and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin before the event was suspended in recent years because of continuing violent unrest, who also toured internationally by drawing fans with genre-crossing music that mixed Malian rhythms from multiple traditions with funk, psychedelia, reggae, and electric blues.



Cause of Death: Heart ailments


Born: September 21, 1959


Died: August 19, 2018


Location: Bamako, Mali