Joe Jackson



Age: 89


Summary: patriarch of the Jackson Five who once had his own dreams of success (he tried to be a boxer, then played the guitar with a group called The Falcons), but who realized early on that there was an overwhelming pool of musical talent in his children, particularly a little bright-eyed boy named Michael, who channeled his ambition through them creating one of the greatest pop vocal groups and launched the career of one of entertainment's legends Michael Jackson (died 2009) and another superstar talent, daughter Janet Jackson, whose legacy was steeped not only in the brilliant guidance of his children into the world's premiere entertainment dynasty, but the iron fist with which he did it after Michael described beatings with the switch of a tree branch and a fear so great of his father that he would sometimes vomit at the sight of him.



Cause of Death: Pancreatic cancer


Born: July 26, 1928


Died: June 27, 2018


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada