Ingvar Kamprad



Age: 91


Summary: Swedish entrepreneur and founder of the world's largest furniture store giant IKEA who hid his fascist past and became one of the world's richest men by turning simply-designed, low-cost furniture into the global Ikea empire, who in 1943 was a 17-year-old budding entrepreneur selling udder balm, picture frames and other small-town wares from his home in rural Sweden and later founded a mail-order company called Ikea with initials taken after his name and that of his family's farm, whose company grew into a multinational behemoth with nearly 400 stores worldwide, almost a billion store visits per year and more than $36 billion in annual retail sales in Europe alone.



Cause of Death: Brief illness


Born: March 30, 1926


Died: January 27, 2018


Location: Smaland, Sweden