Hares Mohmand



Age: Not stated


Summary: Afghan peace ambassador and secretary for Karachi-based Afghanistan Consul General and diplomat Dr. Abdullah Waheed Poyan who was among one of 22 known fatalities reportedly killed in the barbaric January 20 Kabul terrorist attack when a group of radical Taliban insurgents armed with suicide vests attacked and opened fire against guests at the landmark Inter-Continental Hotel in downtown Kabul, Afghanistan where a number of conference participants were killed or wounded during a 12-hour siege in an assault that prompted questions over how the attackers breached security, in which at least six militants were also killed by security forces as the attack followed security warnings in recent days to avoid hotels and other locations frequented by foreigners in war-town Kabul, but the Afghan government said the attack was carried out by Pakistan-based Haqqani network.



Cause of Death: Murdered by terrorists


Born: 19??


Died: January 20, 2018


Location: Kabul, Afghanistan