Ernest L. Medina



Age: 81


Summary: U.S. Army captain who was accused of overall responsibility for the March 1968 mass killings of unarmed South Vietnamese men, women, and children by troops he commanded in what became known as the My Lai massacre but was acquitted at a court-martial, who along with three platoons of his infantry company entered the village of My Lai in South Vietnam's south central coast on March 6, 1968 just six weeks after North Vietnamese and Vietcong forces launched the Tet offensive, wide-ranging attacks that stunned the American military command in the Vietnam War in what happened over the hours that followed became one of the darkest chapters of American military history after an Army inquiry ultimately determined that 347 civilians were shot, bayoneted, or blasted with grenades that day.



Cause of Death: Undisclosed causes


Born: August 27, 1936


Died: May 8, 2018


Location: Peshtigo, Wisconsin