Efrain Rios Montt



Age: 91


Summary: Guatemalan military dictator who was charged with genocide and crimes against humanity for atrocities committed by his troops during the country's long-running civil war, who assumed power on March 23, 1982 in a coup staged by junior officers when Guatemala was long familiar with rule by military strongmen and human rights abuses, but during his 17-month reign repression by state security forces reached new levels of brutality after a United Nations-sponsored truth commission found that nearly half of all the human rights violations during the 36-year conflict occurred in 1982 just a year when Rios Montt was de facto ruler of Guatemala for nine months, in which more than 200,000 Guatemalans perished during the civil war's violence and government forces were responsible for the vast majority of deaths.



Cause of Death: Heart attack


Born: June 26, 1916


Died: April 1, 2018


Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala