Conrado Juarez



Age: 58


Summary: murder suspect and the accused killer of a toddler known as "Baby Hope" in New York City in a case that remained unsolved for more than two decades, who was charged in the murder of Anjelica Castillo after he confessed in 2013 to molesting the four-year-old and smothering her with a pillow at a Queens, New York home when an anonymous tip in 2013 led investigators to Baby Hope's real name and to her mother after authorities discovered the girl's body in a cooler in July 1991, in which the girl's identity remained unknown for years, leading to detectives to call the child "Baby Hope" in hopes of garnering more attention to the case.



Cause of Death: Complications related to pancreatic cancer


Born: November 26, 1960


Died: November 18, 2018


Location: Nyack, New York