Cindy R. Lobel



Age: 48


Summary: urban historian and professor at City University of New York whose research on the economic and social elements of life in 19th-century New York through food and eating was among the first of its kind (in 2003, inventive and locally sourced delicacies had became an American obsession as bookstore shelves were filling up with popular treatises on the culture of food and eating, but few historians had researched the subject from an academic standpoint), who published Urban Appetites: Food & Culture in 19th-Century New York (2014), which examined the way technology, consumerism, infrastructure, class, race, gender, public policy, and the market influenced what, where, and how New Yorkers ate in the 1800's.



Cause of Death: Breast cancer


Born: October 1, 1970


Died: October 2, 2018


Location: New York City, New York