Charles P. Lazarus



Age: 94


Summary: founder of Toys R Us who stepped down as chief executive officer in 1994 and transformed the toy industry into an iconic piece of Americana with a business model that became one of the first retail category killers (big stores that are so devoted to one thing and have such an impressive selection that they drive smaller competitors out of business), but more recently found itself unable to survive the trends of the digital age, namely competition from the likes of Amazon, discounters like Walmart, and mobile games after the company announced last week that it would close or sell its 735 stores across the country, including its Babies R Us stores (and no longer able to bear the weight of its heavy debt load), but for decades it was Toys R Us that drove trends in child's plays, becoming a launch-pad for what became some of the industry's hottest toys.



Cause of Death: Respiratory failure


Born: October 4, 1923


Died: March 22, 2018


Location: New York City, New York