Catherine Nevin



Age: 67


Summary: Irish convicted murderer who was found guilty by unanimous jury verdict in 2000 of the murder of her husband Tom Nevin on March 19, 1996 in their home at the Jack White's Inn pub owned by the couple near Brittas Bay in County Wicklow, Ireland (the jury also found her guilty on three charges of soliciting others to kill him after five days of deliberation, then the longest period of deliberation in the history of Ireland), who was dubbed by the media as the "Black Widow" and became the subject of significant coverage by the tabloid press when Justice Mella Carroll ordered a ban on the press commenting on Nevin's appearance or demeanor during the trial, but who maintained her husband was killed by raiders.



Cause of Death: Brain tumor


Born: October 1, 1950


Died: February 19, 2018


Location: Dublin, Ireland