Carlos Sanchez



Age: 83


Summary: actor who for nearly 40 years played Juan Valdez, the embodiment of Colombian coffee and one of the most recognizable pitchmen in the world, who first donned Valdez's signature wide-brimmed hat in 1969 when he took over for Jose F. Duval, a Cuban actor who had played the character since it was created by the New York advertising agency Doyle Dane Bernbach in 1959, who grew coffee as a youth before turning into painting and acting as Valdez, an indefatigable farmer with a warm expression, a mustache, and a mule named Conchita, and became an avatar for the farmers who harvested Colombia's coffee beans and a positive depiction of a country that was often equated with terrorism and drug trafficking, but who retired in 2006 (the new Juan Valdez is Carlos Castaneda, who grew up working on coffee plantations and owned one of his own).



Cause of Death: Respiratory tract infection


Born: 1935


Died: December 29, 2018


Location: Medellin, Colombia