Burt Reynolds



Age: 82


Summary: film and television actor known for his acclaimed performances in Deliverance and Boogie Nights, commercial hits such as Smokey & the Bandit, and for an active off-screen love life that included relationships with singer Dinah Shore and actresses Loni Anderson and Sally Field, who inspired a wide range of responses over his long, erratic career including critical acclaim and scorn, popular success and box office bombs after he made scores of movies ranging from lightweight fare such as the hits The Cannonball Run and Smokey & Bandit to more serious films like The Longest Yard and The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, who was nominated for an Oscar for Boogie Nights, won an Emmy for the TV series Evening Shades, and was praised for his starring role in Deliverance, but who was also a frequent nominee for the Razzie, the tongue-in-cheek award for Hollywood's worst performance, whose personal life provided ongoing drama after an acrimonious divorce from Loni Anderson in 1995, and who said posing nude for Cosmopolitan in 1972 was one of his biggest mistakes because it undermined the respect he had gained for Deliverance.



Cause of Death: Heart attack


Born: February 11, 1936


Died: September 6, 2018


Location: Jupiter, Florida