Bernardo Bertolucci



Age: 77


Summary: Italian filmmaker who won nine Oscars with The Last Emperor (1987) and whose erotic drama Last Tango in Paris (1972) enthralled and shocked the world (his movies often explored the sexual relations among characters stuck in a psychological crisis, as in Last Tango, which was banned in his own country for over 10 years), who as a self-professed Marxist also did not shy away from politics and ideology as in The Conformist, which some critics consider his masterpiece, but who always defended his own filmmaking style against what he said was the pressure of the U.S. film industry despite working with A-list American and international stars, who maintained critical success for most of his career, weathering the controversies that his sexually provocative work stirred and some commercial flops.



Cause of Death: Lung cancer


Born: March 16, 1941


Died: November 26, 2018


Location: Rome, Italy