Barbara Harris



Age: 83


Summary: Tony Award-winning actress whose comic-neurotic charms lit up the Broadway stage and helped her to steal films including A Thousand Clowns, who played the mother who switched bodies with Jodie Foster in the original Freaky Friday in the same year she starred in Alfred Hitchcock's final film Family Plot in 1976, but it was Robert Altman's 1975 Nashville that became her best-known film with her memorable performance of "It Don't Worry Me" in front of a shell-shocked crowd after the violent climax, who was one of the performers in the historic first cast of Chicago's Second City improvisational theater and won her Tony as best actress in a musical for The Apple Tree (1966).



Cause of Death: Lung cancer


Born: July 25, 1935


Died: August 21, 2018


Location: Scottsdale, Arizona