William "Ryan" Owens


Age: 36

decorated United States Navy SEAL senior chief petty officer who was on his 12th military deployment overeas with the elite U.S. Navy special forces unit SEAL Team Six while on a terrorism-related ground mission authorized by a U.S.-led Special Operations Forces covert operation in a joint American-UAE raid against the terror organization Al-Qaeda in an airstrike that killed nearly 30 other people including an estimated 14 militants in the village of Yakla in central Yemen's Al Bayda province during the Second Yemeni Civil War and became the first American combatant to die during the presidency of Donald Trump, in which three other U.S. service members were wounded during the firefights with militants from al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula of Yemen.

Cause of Death: Gunshot wounds sustained in a U.S. commando raid

Born: March 5, 1980

Died: January 29, 2017

Yakla, Yemen