Vanu Bose



Age: 52


Summary: son of Amar G. Bose, the founder of Bose Corp. based in Farmingham, Massachusetts known for its high-quality audio systems and speakers, who was an innovator in his own right instead of following his father into the family business when he founded his own company Vanu Inc. in Lexington, Massachusetts and re-imagined cellular networks and extended service to people living in remote regions of the world, who developed durable cellular sites that could run on solar power and required only small amounts of energy focusing on the radio components of wireless network (that technology has been used around the world, particularly in rural areas), but who recently took his technology to Puerto Rico after it was lashed by Hurricane Maria and used it to help desperate residents locate family members after he donated more than three dozen cellular base stations to the island, each covering about a three-mile radius through his company.



Cause of Death: Pulmonary embolism


Born: October 4, 1965


Died: November 11, 2017


Location: Concord, Massachusetts