Sorrell Leczkowski


Age: 14

British schoolgirl and ninth-year student at Allerton High School in Leeds, England who was among one of 22 known fatalities reported missing and feared dead following the horrific May 22 Manchester Arena bombing when a suspected suicide bomber identified as 22-year-old British Muslim Salman Abedi had detonated a shrapnel-laden improvised explosive device in the foyer area of the Manchester Arena venue in England's Manchester city centre and seriously injured at least 120 other people including her mother Samantha Leczkowski and grandmother Pauline Healey as the controlled explosion occurred at the end of a sold-out concert by American pop singer Ariana Grande that was part of her 2017 Dangerous Woman Tour, in which the incident was the deadliest terrorist attack in the United Kingdom in 12 years since the July 7, 2005 London bombings.

Cause of Death: Killed in a suicide bombing

Born: March 11, 2003

Died: May 22, 2017

Manchester, England