Simon Nelson


Age: 85

mass murderer considered as one of northern Illinois's most notorious killers who was convicted of brutally murdering his six children (Jenny, 12, Simon Peter III, 10, Andrew, 8, Matthew, 7, Roseann, 6, and David, 3) after he used a knife and rubber mallet to kill the children as they slept at their Rockford, Illinois home in 1978, who claimed that he "snapped" when his wife announced her intention to divorce him and alleged that he could not recall the killings because of amnesia, who was serving a 100-year prison sentence for the deaths of his children, but was denied release from prison 18 times since he first became eligible for parole in 1986.

Cause of Death: Natural causes

Born: October 2, 1931

Died: June 18, 2017

Springfield, Illinois