Russell Frost



Age: 49


Summary: U.S. contractor who was abducted in Baghdad, Iraq while he was working as a contractor in January 2016 when he and two co-workers Amr Mohamed and Waiel El-Maadawy were abducted in Dora, a mixed neighborhood that is home to both Shiites and Sunnis, but Iraqi officials said they were in good health when they were handed over to the U.S. Embassy in February 2016 as the Americans have sued, alleging that Iran and a prominent Shiite cleric gave material support to their abductors, and who lost more than 40 pounds in captivity because of dehydration and malnutrition, which caused kidney problems.



Cause of Death: Cardiac arrest


Born: August 13, 1968


Died: November 30, 2017


Location: Wichita, Kansas