Ruben Rozendaal



Age: 61


Summary: Surinamese soldier and one of the co-defendants in the "December Murder Trial" involving Surname President Desi Bouterse as the main suspect who had participated in the planning and extra-judicial killing of 15 political opponents of the then-military government on December 8, 1982 that was headed by Bouterse after the prosecution argued that his role was to collect two men one of whom, former sports minister Andre Kamperveen, was executed at the then military headquarters Fort Zeelandia, who was also the army officer who had blown up and set ablaze the head office of Suriname's most powerful trade union at the time and was seeking a 10-year jail term because of his cooperation,



Cause of Death: Suicide by self-exsanguination


Born: September 21, 1956


Died: December 1, 2017


Location: Paramaribo, Suriname