Roger Pinto Molina



Age: 57


Summary: Bolivian right-wing politician who was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1997 from the single-member constituency 67 in Pando (covering areas in the provinces Nicolas Suarez, Manuripi and General Federico Roman) as a Nationalist Democratic Action (ADN) candidate, who was accused of involvement in the September 11, 2008 massacre in Porvenir by the Bolivian government of having sold twenty-two hectares of land to the department of Pando for the 'ridiculous' amount of $17,515 during his tenure as prefect of Pando, and who sought refuge in the Brazilian Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia after he was granted asylum in Brazil but was not given safe conduct by Evo Morales Government to leave Bolivia.



Cause of Death: Airplane accident


Born: April 23, 1960


Died: August 16, 2017


Location: Brasilia, Brazil