Richard Cousins



Age: 58


Summary: chief executive officer of the world's biggest catering company Compass Group, which employs more than 550,000 people worldwide by providing food for organizations ranging from Costco and Qualcomm to the University of Houston and the stadium that houses the Utah Jazz basketball team for more than 11 years (and was also one of Britain's biggest businesses), but was mired in a corruption scandal and accused of bribing a United Nations official to garner contracts to supply peacekeepers when he took the helm of the company (settling lawsuits and ending investigations tied to the allegations cost the company 39 million, which is around $53 million at current exchange rates), and who dramatically increased the size of the company during his time as CEO when revenue more than doubled and operating profit increased fourfold.



Cause of Death: Seaplane accident


Born: March 29, 1959


Died: December 31, 2017


Location: Sydney, Australia