Orville Lynn Majors


Age: 56

serial killer and nurse who was convicted in 1999 of killing six people at a rural Indiana hospital after he was found to have given lethal injections of heart-stopping drugs to ailing patients in the mid-1950's at the former Vermillion County Hospital in Clinton about 60 miles west of Indianapolis near the Indiana-Illinois state line, who was called the "Angel of Death" in the news media when he was suspected of causing dozens more deaths, but prosecutors said he had injected patients with epinephrine and potassium chloride while he was a licensed practical nurse in a four-bed intensive care unit at the hospital after statistical studies linked him to as many as 130 of 147 deaths at the ICU (many involving sudden respiratory failure) from May 1993 to March 1995, and who was serving a 360-year prison sentence at the Indiana State Prison in Michigan City.

Cause of Death: Heart failure

Born: April 24, 1961

Died: September 24, 2017

Michigan City, Indiana