Malek Belkadi


Age: 8

Moroccan immigrant who had remained hospitalized in critical condition while in a coma for serious injuries due to inhalation of fire fumes suffered in the horrific Grenfell Tower fire that claimed the lives of at least 70 people (and counting) including her parents Omar Belkadi and Farah Hamdan and the couple's six-month-old daughter Leena following the devastating inferno during the early morning hours on June 14, 2017 when she and her younger sister 6-year-old Tazmin Belkadi had miraculously survived from the blaze after being found alive and rescued by firefighters in the high-rise building outside their flat on the 20th floor near the top of the 24-story residential tower block in west London's North Kensington borough and was later sent to the hospital, in which the incident ranks as the deadliest structural fire in the United Kingdom since the start of the 20th century when detailed records began.

Cause of Death: Smoke inhalation sustained in the Grenfell Tower fire

Born: September 26, 2008

Died: June 15, 2017

London, England