Lady Paola Jaime Ovalle


Age: 31

Colombian business administrator who was among one of the three known fatalities reportedly killed in a deadly June 17 bombing at the upscale Centro Andino shopping center in the Zona Rosa neighborhood of Bogota, Colombia's tourist district after a powerful home-made explosive device detonated inside a women's restroom in the second floor of the crowded mall and seriously injured at least nine other people in the blast, in which Colombian authorities said the explosion was an act of terrorism but no one has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing that may have been attributed to the leftist FARC guerrilla group after the country's second-largest militant group National Liberation Army (ELN) has carried out bombings in the past, including a bomb attack near Bogota's iconic Santamaria bullring that killed one police officer and injured 20 other people in February 2017, but the rebel group claimed to not target civilians.

Cause of Death: Injuries sustained in the bomb blast

Born: 1986

Died: June 17, 2017

Bogota, Colombia