King Michael I



Age: 96


Summary: former king of Romania who was forced to abdicate by the Communists in the aftermath of World War II and played a pivotal role in Romania's switch to the Allied cause after a coup in 1944, who spent decades in exile working as a chicken farmer and aircraft pilot before he finally got his citizenship back in 1997 after the collapse of communism eight years earlier, who was a great-great-grandson of Britain's Queen Victoria and later acceded to the throne in 1927 when his was 6 years old after his father Carol II eloped with his mistress and abdicated (after three years Carol returned to the throne and stayed there until abdicating again in 1940, when Michael became king for a second time), who reigned for seven years until he was forced to abdicate and whose reign is best remembered for his coup on August 23, 1944 against pro-Nazi leader Marshal Ion Antonescu, which took Romania into the war on the side of the Allies.



Cause of Death: Complications from leukemia


Born: October 25, 1921


Died: December 5, 2017


Location: Aubonne, Switzerland